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Monday, July 6, 2020

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Public vs Private Investigations

There have been a few questions in regards to the differences between Public Investigation Nights and Private Investigation Nights. So hopefully this article can clarify the differences a little better. Please note that both Public and Private investigations are limited to a maximum of 15 guests. In both cases you will have access to the building for at least 9 hours.

Public Investigations

Public investigations are open to anyone regardless of experience. These nights are a great way to gain experience not only from our Docents but from others as well. We typically get a range of guests that have no prior experience to those that have been investigating for years. If you have never been on an investigation before, these nights are a great way to gain experience. The cost for a Public investigation is $125 per person.


Private Investigations

Private investigations are reserved by a group and require a deposit equal to the fee for 5 guests to reserve ($625). The minimum cost to for a private night is equal to 11 guests in total ($1375) with a maximum of 15 guests ($1875). These nights are typically reserved by Paranormal groups, large groups of friends or even by businesses for a team building. Private investigations are a great way for your group to explore Preston Castle at your pace.

To clarify the cost for a Private Investigation here is a breakdown:
Deposit (the fee for the first 5 guests): $625
Total Minimum Due before your date: $750 ($1375 - $625 deposit and covers 11 guests in total). 
Total Maximum for 15 guests before your date: $1250 ($1875 - $625 deposit).

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