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Monday, July 6, 2020

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Public vs Private Investigations

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There have been a few questions in regards to the differences between Public Investigation Nights and Private Investigation Nights. So hopefully this article can clarify the differences a little better. Please note that both Public and Private investigations are limited to a maximum of 15 guests. In both cases you will have access to the building for at least 9 hours.

Public Investigations

Public investigations are open to anyone regardless of experience. These nights are a great way to gain experience not only from our Docents but from others as well. We typically get a range of guests that have no prior experience to those that have been investigating for years. If you have never been on an investigation before, these nights are a great way to gain experience. The cost for a Public investigation is $125 per person.


Private Investigations

Private investigations are reserved by a group and require a deposit equal to the fee for 5 guests to reserve ($625). The minimum cost to for a private night is equal to 11 guests in total ($1375) with a maximum of 15 guests ($1875). These nights are typically reserved by Paranormal groups, large groups of friends or even by businesses for a team building. Private investigations are a great way for your group to explore Preston Castle at your pace.

To clarify the cost for a Private Investigation here is a breakdown:
Deposit (the fee for the first 5 guests): $625
Total Minimum Due before your date: $750 ($1375 - $625 deposit and covers 11 guests in total). 
Total Maximum for 15 guests before your date: $1250 ($1875 - $625 deposit).

New Year, New Tour Site!

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To kick of the new tour season, we have launched this new website to make information on the Preston Castle paranormal tours easier to find and book. Register on the site to stay up to date on all the announcements and changes.

2019 Dates are up!

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Thank you everyone for being patient. Our tour dates for 2019 are finally up. There are not as many this year as we would have liked, but that is because it is the 125th anniversary of Preston! So there are a lot of events happening this year at the castle beside our own.

Paranormal Tour Dates

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The reservation system will be turned on today (1/15/18) at 12 PM PST. 

We have a limited number of dates for both public and private investigation nights and the interest in them has been very high. I would not recommend waiting too long after they are published.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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