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Preston Castle Paranormal Investigations

Are you afraid?

Preston Castle sits upon a hill in Ione, California. Construction began on it in 1890 and was completed in 1894. Preston Castle served as the administration building for the Preston School of Industry. The Preston School of Industry was established as part of a progressive act to reform juvenile offenders rather than send them to San Quentin or Folsom prisons. It remained in use until 1960 when the staff moved into the new facility down the hill to the south. Wards lived and worked in the building until 1955.

The Castle has been featured in horror films and popular paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Asylum, and The Lowe Files. And now YOU can experience the paranormal in this historic site. We offer both public and private paranormal tours with our experienced docents. Tour dates typically range from April to November. The size of the tours are limited to a maximum of 15 investigators and they sell out very quickly. Keep an eye on our Tour Schedule page for dates and availability.

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